Company Renaming Announcement

Due to business development, since August 18,2016, "广州橙盟品牌视觉设计有限公司Guangzhou Orangemen Brand Visual design Co., Ltd." has been renamed to“广州美胜设计有限公司Guangzhou MasterDesign Co., Ltd."MasterDesign. Which was approved by the city of Guangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce. The statement of the renamed company as following:

1、 All external and internal documents, data, invoice, account NO., and tax NO. also have been changed accordingly.

2All the business of original company " Guangzhou Orangemen Brand Visual design Co., Ltd " will be continued by Guangzhou MasterDesign Co.,Ltd. The contract of original company to will still be valid.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.Thanks for your fully co-ordination.